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On this home page we'll introduce our organization and highlight important areas on our site. This web page is dedicated to all of America's trees  on Private land, that have No Rights....

There are thousands of organizations, each with a specific purpose or goal. There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization he or she believes in. TREE CENTRAL USA is the ONLY organization in America that Fights for Trees of  Private Lands. Trees on Public Lands, have Rights To Life, which is the way all trees must be considered. They are GOD's creations...

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Tree Central USA was formed to protect trees on private lands. This organization started in 2000, after a Great Tulip Tree, which lived in Staten island, New York from 1782 to 2000. The Great Tree stood 250 ft tall, the tallest on Staten Island, and guarded the area from storms, events, both by nature and man made, for 200 years...
The Great Tulip Tree was on a private lot with a older home from the 1920's. The home was bought by builders, to demolish and build two new homes.  After learning about this, our Chairman and Founder, DJ Donnelly fought an exhausting fight to save the Great Tree.  The media was called, complaints were filed, which gave the Great Tree another 13 months of life. As being Undaunted, as the NY Times wrote, he fought further to prevent the Great Tree from being cut down.
But as things go in New York City, they obtained a Tree Expert who made false tests, which stated the Great Tree was ill, which was not the case, if that was true, how could the Great Tree stand for 200 plus years?  Since, at the time, their was no laws preventing this from happening, the founder DJ Donnelly vowed to have a law passed on day, to give all trees on privite lands equal rights like the trees on Public Lands...The Tree was tested, and it was proven, that the Great Tulip of Staten Island was in great health, TREE CENTRAL USA was born...
Today, the Great Tree is gone, but not in memory and sprit, a book have been ordered, a movie, and this organization have come about in memory of the Great Tree, and you too can be a part of this goal, by joining today...

We invite you to visit us or attend an event. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.

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Tree Central USA PO Box 080054 Staten island, New York 10308 USA